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About Us

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We are Rock Candy! A multi-generational, multi-genre cover band from the Denver-Metro area in Colorado. We like to consider ourselves a "Dance Rock" band and love to see our friends and family on the dance floor, partying with us  to some classic (and not-so classic) hits! We like to bring known songs you can sing-along to, as well as those songs you might catch yourself thinking, "I've heard that somewhere... maybe a movie, commercial, social media?" Be sure to catch us live! We're super SWEET!

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Our Story

In late 2021, father-daughter duo, Duane and Brittni, decided it was about damn time to cross an item off their bucket lists and start a band! Knowing Kenny from previous bands, such as Sneaky Pete. Duane decided to bring in the killer bassist. The three of them picked through songs and found their vibe. From there it was all about finding the missing pieces; a badass drummer and another strong female vocalist that could also play the keyboard. 

Six months later, Duane found himself working to build a saloon for a friend down in Texas. He got to know Scott, who was also brought in as a contractor from Colorado, and soon realized he would be the perfect fit for the band. We had our drummer! 

It was then that we decided to post an ad on Facebook to try and find our second lady for the group. There were a few hits, but ultimately we couldn't pass up Korey! Her vocals combined with Brittni's created a truly dynamic pair. And thus, Rock Candy was born! 

Fast forward to November 2023... We unfortunately lost Scotty as our drummer so we had to find someone who could fill some big shoes and FAST! In comes Howard, a drummer Duey had actually played with in Shotgun Lullaby. He showed up and it just clicked! No questions asked, we had our new drummer! 

2024 we're coming... can't stop us now!

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